May 19 I was diagnosed with cancer. Today is my 48th birthday which makes it my first birthday all over again because it's like starting your life all over again.
  1. Rescue a dog, which I did! and he arrives today but more than likely he will rescue me.
  2. Put on those too short shorts and find a field or park to run through singing as loudly as you can so everyone is watching.
  3. Free write. Don't stop, don't think, just write every single thought that comes into your head for 10 minutes then set it aside until your next chemo session when you will appreciate and need to be reminded how free you can be...just gotta make it through those hours every 2 weeks.
  4. Call someone, anyone, talk to them on the phone. Don't text or email.
  5. Finally, do one thing every day that you've not done before just like when you were a child and everything was a first and nothing mattered because no one jaded your thinking yet and truly don't care what the rest of the world thinks!