An unfortunate playlist of my inner mind
  1. The 7th Heaven theme song
    Somehow this was a show my parents did NOT approve of during my childhood, so naturally I watched it whenever I could... The theme song will creep into my mind basically whenever I read the number "7" anywhere.
  2. Once Upon A December
    I STG if there was one thing I could change about my childhood, it would be learning this song in 4th grade choir. I am forever haunted and this song is playing in the back of my mind 90% of the time I am awake.
  3. De Colores
    I really don't mind this one, actually. I hope I never actually forget it
  4. Birthday Sex
    The mention of any birthday cake related food makes me start unintentionally hum this... Unfortunately when I worked at Hume Lake Christian Camps I had to sell a LOT of birthday cake ice cream