Humanity is awful
  1. "Do you even like your grandparents???"
    Spoken by a woman with identical scary hair to the woman with her, after she said something to me that I didn't quite hear and just nervously faked-laughed at
  2. "Get ready for Ricki, DUH"
    This man approached me with "can I get one ticket to GRFR" to which I asked for clarification and he replied with the above quote... I'm sorry sir did you mean Ricki and the Flash AKA "the Meryl Streep movie???" Get your shit together or get out of my face
  3. "Aren't you ashamed to sell this popcorn to me at this price?"
  4. "You look just like my friend who died 50 years ago!"
    Because I am her
  5. "No."
    When I asked if Pepsi was okay because we don't have Coke..... Okay but what now
  6. "Can't you just lend me the DVD, I promise I'll bring it back."
    This was said because we didn't have a late showtime for The SpongeBob Movie.... I don't have time to explain all the reasons You Are Wrong