I'm a buyer for a small, high end, local lingerie shop in Berkeley, CA. With a long time obsession with fashion, and design. Here are a few of my favorite things. Tested and approved πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
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    #Natori Feathers Bra by Josie Natori. Seriously a cult following with each new colour that comes out. It's amazing. And I love it, and it's so pretty.
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    Retro thong by Hanky Panky. I never enjoyed thongs until this year. I've tried on over 30 (new to me) brands this year. Regular thongs/g-strings are fuckin gross and horrible. #hankypanky had it down to a science. Although pricey...these are my favorite. You can adjust the height on the top band. It can be worn high wasted, or on the hips.
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    Giselle Gown by Eberjey. Lord baby jesus. If you are a California girl - GIRL - 🎧I got what you want...it's right here with me🎧 Its amazing. Even though it's made out of modal :/ which means it's prone to pill when washed in a machine. It's comfortable as fuck, and subtly sexy.
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    The keyhole Balconette by Montelle. Montelle is a great company with very affordable price points out of Canada. They have their own factory which lowers costs significantly. Their bras are sexy, simple, and a great intro into lingerie. Not good under Tshirts. Good for knits...and white overalls in summer.
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    Enrage Lace Bralette by Wacoal
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    Have big boobs? Wish you could wear a Bralette? Ayyye! With a "j-hook" on the back to tighten the fit, and nearly floral pattern (breathe in) make you feel secure. πŸ’πŸ’ͺ🏽😌
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    Gilligan O mally AKA the adult alternative to Xhileration, at target.
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    This should be before the hanky panky thong. as far as comfort goes G & O wins. Hands down. It feels like NOTHING. In fact when I wore it, I immediately thought of a pal. years ago, she worried about wearing underwear to a wedding. She said she put them on and was immediately worried that she'd forget they were on. And she did! She peed right through them. Gilligan o mally is ALMOST that comfortable. You won't forget. Pretty damn close tho. The cut is a bit high for me, but I love wearing this.