#1 | Songs you will regret not having had in your life before.

Warmly suggested beautiful, powerful, unique songs which definitely deserve more recognition and credit - and also to be considered some of my favorite songs ever. And, hopefully, some of yours too.
  1. Francis and the Lights - My Citys Gone
    "Farewell, Starlite!", first full-length studio album by Francis (and the Lights), was premiered live at the Eaux Claires music festival on August 13th and released worldwide more than a month later. And it's brilliant. Special mentions to Friends, featuring the mighty Bon Iver (who's also appearing in this list), and It's Alright to Cry. • Genre: electronic / experimental / alternative / indie pop • For fans of: James Blake, Gayngs, Bastille, (new) Bon Iver
  2. The Cinematic Orchestra - To Believe
    They're back. The music ensemble (the term "band" sounds reductive for them) that conquered a spot in my All Time Favorite Artists list (more like a book...) with what I consider a masterpiece of an album, Ma Fleur, is back with a new powerful single. Taken from the forthcoming studio album of the same name whose release date is yet to be announced. • Genre: downtempo / orchestral / dramatic • For fans of: powerful, emotional, sentimental music. And stunningly beautiful, breath-taking voices.
  3. The Books - Smells Like Content
    You won't believe this song is 11 years old. These guys sure were a step ahead. I can't exactly tell what it is that makes me love this song so much. I guess it's just the ensemble. Every single thing in it is just perfect, to me. Believe me, it will catch you too. It's just deep. In fact, pay attention to the lyrics. An attempt to define our existence. How us humans try too hard to give everything in this world a meaning and a reason, just to get some plausible answers to our stupid doubts.
  4. American Football - I Need a Drink (or Two or Three)
    Yep. American Football are back after 17 long long years. This LP2 leaves me breathless for how strong the nostalgia is. I believe you will feel this sentimentality too if you have loved and praised their first album and you can feel how much they have matured after all these years. And how much we missed them. Heart-melting melancholia and sensitivity that make my chest feel lighter and heavier at the same time. • Genre: emo / indie rock / math rock • For fans of: TWIABP, TTNG, Owen
  5. Riverside - Where the River Flows
    After the sudden, unexpected decease of their iconic guitarist "Grudzien", the band honoured him in the best way possible: by recording the instrumental ambient album they always dreamed about writing together with him. If you love this band you will definitely fall in love with this album even if ambient music might not be your cup of tea. And not just because it's under their name: simply because they're damn good at it. • Genre: ambient / electronic • For fans of: Lunatic Soul, OSI
  6. Jeff Buckley - Dream of You and I
    Oh how I wish I could say it about Jeff Buckley too, that he has come and released a new album (Yes, I'm one of those uncurable melancholics who will never accept his passing.) A new compilation has been released on March and this is the only original song of his on the record. It's pretty sweet, but lacking and incomplete. Why am I suggesting it, then? Because while playing it Jeff tells us in a dorky, messy, adorable way how he came up with the song. Magic. Drink a shot at every "y' know".
  7. Nearly Oratorio - Veracity
    Nearly Oratorio is the bizarre pseudonym of the Australian Simon Lam. Yeah I know, it's not like I made it clearer to you by saying his name. He's (still?) unpopular. Not that he deserves it, tho. He's simply pretty fresh in the market. The precious Veracity is taken from the EP Tin which was released this very year. So if you enjoyed this song go listen to Tin in its entirety for some amazing, organic electronic characterized by vulnerable, delicate vocals and haunting melodies. Ffo: Caribou.
  8. Bon Iver - 666 ʇ
    Hah! You really thought Bon Iver would have survived my list after he finally published his new long-awaited album a month ago (5 years, for a huge fan like me, are a bigger deal than it may be for an occasional listener). Choosing one track out of it was a real challenge. So I just picked the one who's mostly stuck in my head these days. But believe me, you gotta listen to the whole "22, A Million" to give it more sense and context. And then you gotta listen to it again. And again. And again.
  9. Caspian - Separation No. 2
    I've picked a short one in order to make this playlist last 45 mins. And it's a Caspian one. More specifically, Separation No 2 is the ethereal, tender opening track of one of my favorite albums ever Dust and Disquiet. With not many other albums have I fallen in love so deeply. If you're a post-rock lover, I'm sure you'll fall in love too. No other band does it better. • Genre: post-rock / instrumental / experimental • For fans of: This Will Destroy You, If These Trees Could Talk, Maybeshewill