🍻 adding as I go!
  1. Rock Bottom Lemon Head
  2. Dry hopped cider pear
    The Infinite Monkey Theorum
  3. Rock Bottom American Dream
  4. St. Bretta Citrus Sour Wheat
    Crooked Stave, Denver
  5. O'dell Tree Shaker
    Imperial Peach IPA
  6. Coors Light 😔
    Because Tilted Kilt doesn't have craft anything apparently......
  7. Left Hand Sawtooth
  8. Apricot blonde
    Dry Dock
  9. Rock Bottom El Chupacabra
    Mexican style lager
  10. Polestar Pilsner
    Left Hand Brewing Co
  11. Crazy Mtn Creedence Pilsnew
  12. Colorado Native LPA
    Golden, CO
  13. Blue Moon
    Golden, CO
  14. Breckenridge Old Fashion
  15. Old fashion
  16. Best Marg in Denver! Lodo!!!
  17. Emergent White ipa
    Boulder Beer Company
  18. Shake Chocolate Porter
    Boulder Beer Company