She's pretty good at this shit and has more excuses than I'll be able to remember!
  1. "It's getting dark."
    Typically when it's about 4-5 o''s not getting dark,mom.
  2. "Im tired of everyone ganging up on me."
    This is when we've been laughing about our FUCKED up childhood and she's not happy about it.
  3. "I have to get my work clothes ready for tomorrow."
    She's lazy, shits all over the place. And she has Frischs outfits for days.
  4. "Craig's coming in tomorrow!"
    Another work excuse to leave super early.
  5. "The kids don't care if I'm here."
    You're right. No they don't.
  6. The ole, "I have to open the bar."
    Another fucking Frischs reference.
  7. Giphy