1. A big bowl of spaghetti
    Is there anything better?
  2. Pizza. Any kind.
    Ok, tied with spaghetti.
  3. Not being at soccer practice every night.
    This will probably never happen but one can hope.
  4. The thought of getting rid of 2 of my horrible mutts.
    Certainly won't happen but whatever.
  5. Lavaflows in Maui.
    Nuff said.
  6. Drinking cold beer on a hot day.
  7. When laundry is finally done.
    This is rare but I'm always thrilled when it happens.
  8. Warren G
    Regulators, mount up.
  9. Photography.
    View of Cincinnati from the incline district taken by yours truly.
  10. Cincinnati!
    See above photo. What's not to love?!
  11. Pinterest.
  12. Mike Tyson memes.
    Maybe my absolute favorite.
  13. Gardening.
  14. And my family I suppose 😜