1. So. Early.
  2. Hair and makeup will come by and ask you if you plan on covering up the zits you already knew you had...and already attempted to cover up
  3. Wardrobe will give you that disapproving look like 'this doesn't fit you because you took a bagel from craft services instead of fruit, hoe'
  4. Finding an outlet for your phone is like a game of survival of the fittest except it's really who manages to strategically place themselves in front of the socket so no one else even knows it exists
  5. You'll hand in a piece of identification to the props team only to be handed a nondescript empty coffee cup and you'll look at them like 'you shouldn't need this back badly enough that if I don't return it I lose the privilege of a drivers license'
  6. The sexy fine principal actors will walk by and you'll do your best to avert your eyes because direct contact may kill you like a basilisk's stare
  7. You'll do your best to tweet about your experience and make it look like you mattered in the execution of the shot but really you're human cattle and that kind of soul-crushing realization deserves a second bagel from craft services