Mindy Lahiri advises against saying "girl crush". See below.
  1. Mindy Kaling
    Obviously. I could probably just make an entire list about why I love her.
  2. Jennifer Lawrence
    I feel like she's probably a lot of fun to hang out with. Or work with when I'm famous.
  3. Emma Stone
    When she did the lip sync with Jimmy Fallon that was it.
  4. Chelsea Handler
    She is hilarious. Her books are the best.
  5. Priyanka Chopra
    She is ridiculously beautiful. Like, how I do I look like that please.
  6. Blake Lively
    Another insanely beautiful person who also seems to have her shit together
  7. Amy Schumer
    Freaking hilarious
  8. Anna Kendrick
    Cute, funny, and smart, dammit.