I constantly think of nonsense.
    I'm not even talking about it. And I don't think this fear is irrational.
  2. Driving behind work trucks with ladders on them or any truck carrying anything on top.
    Because obviously it's going to fly off and impale me.
  3. When someone throws a cigarette out of the car in front of me, and I'm forced to drive over it.
    What if my car explodes?!?!
  4. All of my tires exploding while I'm driving.
    Or even just one tire. Who am I kidding.
  5. Being eaten by a shark.
    I think it's all those years of watching Shark Week. Or watching Jaws as a child.
  6. If I watch FBI files or any crime show before bed, I have to check behind the shower and in all closets before I can sleep.
    Because there's probably a murderer there waiting to attack me once I am asleep.
  7. Being stuck in an elevator.
    I avoid them AT ALL costs. I once walked up to a vacation condo on the 7th floor every day for 9 days. I mean, it's a healthy fear I guess.