I only have 7 more papers due by the end of next week. It's fine. It will get done. Magically.
  1. Clean my entire house
    Because I can't work until everything is clean.
  2. Paint my nails
    Because a beautiful manicure can change everything.
  3. Go for a walk in 90-100 degree weather
    This is great because it's really a double procrastination technique. Not only am I out walking for an hour or so, but then I'm tired and hot when I get home so I have to rest and rehydrate.
  4. Read
    For fun. Not for work or school. Because you have to take time for yourself right?
  5. Yoga
    Because all this work I don't have time to get done is stressing me out.
  6. Catch up on TV
    Because then I can cross things off of my to-do list.
  7. Re-watch TV series I have already seen
    No real excuse for this except genuine procrastination.
  8. Google random facts
    I'm curious about a lot of things.
  9. Go to happy hour for 4 hours
    Because it's happy hour.
  10. Go out for pitchers of sangria
    Requires no explanation.
  11. Plan what I will cook
    Because planning meals is healthy and important.
  12. Cook
    Practice makes perfect.
  13. Make lists
    I mean about anything. To-do lists. To-read lists. Grocery lists. Other shopping lists. Music download lists. You name it I write it down.
  14. Anything, really
    I hate doing schoolwork.