And I probably won't because I'm pretty much Jay Gatsby... This is an ongoing list and that was a literary joke.
  1. This is my most recent purchase and is a result of finding out that Clarissa's Explains It All is on Hulu
  2. I am actually five pages in to this... So there's a 5% chance I'll finish it, even though I really should for my major.
  3. My boyfriend loved Moneyball and I love Michael Lewis's This American Life Episode... And Ryan Gosling.
  4. I mean it's only 144 pages so I have no excuse for this one.
  5. Tommy Jeffs is a v. interesting person with whom and yet I haven't cracked this one.
  6. This is such a bummer of a purchase. The books are too small to hold, keep open, read the small print with my failing eyes...