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A city on a hill cannot be hidden...
  1. Start a successful blog
  2. Creat an album
  3. Become a health coach nutritionist
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I don't like having clutter on my phone. But these are apps worth the space.
  1. Duh.
  2. P tracker
  3. OneNote
    Super easy not taking. Synch with my computer easily so the I'll never miss documenting pieces of inspiration
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  1. Cheesecake recipe I probably will never make.
  2. The pet snail I wish I had
  3. Me and my super sweet boyfriend
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From 4 years old to 24 years. These books have helped me to escape for a bit to better prepare for reality.
  1. Bible
    Book of Genesis exodus Romans and Hebrews
  2. Where the wild things are
  3. The kissing hand
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