Places dear to my heart

places where I've felt magic.
  1. Lakeview, my old elementary school
    I grew up there, it's everything to me, I could do a whole list on just Lakeview
  2. My room in my childhood house
    So many painful nights there, but so much creativity and so much growing of my adolescent self
  3. Mrs. Lingardos classroom
    My ap lit teacher's classroom , i did so much growing there
  4. Eric's house
    So many warm memories (miss you)
  5. My hometown library
    Need I say more?
  6. Rachel's car
  7. My old art camp
  8. My towns church
  9. My hs auditorium
  10. The place we went to the classical music concert
  11. The performing arts school I went to as a child.
  12. Julie's sun room