The first four images that appear are from my now dormant blog about exploring NYC. Guess I should start it back up, especially since I just started a new Instagram account @TourYourNYC.
  1. The Great Gatsby Collection at Prada SoHo - May 2013. These designs are still gorgeous! I prefer the collection to the film itself.
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  2. The Jewel in the Crown aka the Old City Hall Tour - April 2013. I love the architecture of NYC and had been wanting to explore this station ever since spotting it while staying on a downtown 6 train. I signed up for New York Transit Museum membership just to be able to go on this tour and even rented a camera for the day. Totally worth it!
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  3. Ann Hamilton's "The event of a Thread" - January 2013. It was a stunning, euphoric, interactive exhibit that filled the room. Everything was connected from the thread that hung a sheet that stretched across the room where guests were mesmerized laying on the ground, to the swings that people pushed across the room, to the bells that rang above.
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  4. Central Park - January 2013. I took this photo when I first discovered the Belvedere Castle.
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