Careers I'd Pursue If Money Wasn't An Option

I love my job as a librarian for so many reasons. But If I didn't have to worry about money or time or market need or general aptitude, here are some other things I might do.
  1. Astronomer
    I've always loved space and stargazing. I love the idea of humans going out into space to explore, but until then it would be rad to explore it from earth.
  2. Astronaut
    Along the same lines. Sometimes I get this claustrophobic feeling thinking about how people are trapped on this rock, but mostly I attribute it to an extreme case of wanderlust.
  3. Travel Writer
    I used to read travel magazines a lot as a teenager and dream about getting paid to visit all those cool places. I still read travel guides from the library and visit lonely planet to plan trips I may never take.
  4. Novel Writer
    I'm in the middle of writing my first novel, but I've been in the middle of doing that for a long time. It would be nice to finish something and be published.
  5. Television Writer
    I went so far as to major art, concentration in screenwriting, for my undergrad degree. I've written a lot of tv pilots and even written episodes of my favorite shows for kicks.
  6. Graphic Designer
    I took a lot of courses for my art degree that were graphic design-ish. I think it would be a fun job to create the designs used for brands and companies. Or even just cute t-shirt designs for theadless.
  7. Engineer
    This is kind of vague, but I like putting things together. I think that's what drew me to art in the first place. In a different life, it would have been interesting to pursue engineering. I've always struggled with math, but I think I would have enjoyed this career.