When to use the most confusing emoji? Add your own made up uses!
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    👹 vs 👺
    Clearly, use the lion devil face for general mischief and the Cyrano devil face for mischief in the name of love.
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    Only send this to the person you are about to murder.
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    Use when there are two people whose identities you don't wish to reveal.
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    💂‍♀️vs 💂
    Sometimes the only way to describe how you feel is with a surprised Queen's guard. Sometimes a more stoic Queen's guard is apropos.
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    Only use when you find yourself in the Buffy episode Hush and you need to communicate that the gentlemen are coming by.
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    When you need to explain that the ideal shoe for this garden party would be an open toe with a modest heal in a neutral tone.
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    At the core of your soul, you are a puffer fish. If he doesn't get that, you should dump him right now.
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    The perfect response to your friend who complains about being desperately lonely but does not want to get a pet. It says "there's always potted plants and I've heard bamboo is a particularly good listener. "
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    Another good one for murders. How else will you give your victims accurate directions to your murder sanctuary?
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    Use to let people know you'll be late because you're using a drop forged g-clamp to set the wood glue on your bird house.
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    Any of these will definitely get the point across that you are about to time travel to the past and to wish you luck.
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    To use when you need to let your friends and family know you are the Forged in Fire champion.
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    When you unearth a lost scroll explaining that humans are an ongoing alien experiment.
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    When you need to enthusiastically answer which Pixar movie is your favorite.
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    Just so your friends know if they quote your texts they have to give you credit.
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    When someone askes you which way to turn and you have no idea but you want them to just make a gd decision.
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    Perfect response for when Batman asks 'who dis?'