Star Trek GIFs that make me happy

I'm all about that trek life. Add your favorites!
  1. That face, tho.
  2. Janeway being sassy.
  3. Perfect Data GIF for life's victories.
  4. Because... wut.
  5. The bromance of the century.
  6. Stop hitting yourself.
  7. Bones: winner of the best eye roller award.
  8. Because I love this woman.
  9. Romance of the century.
  10. The best way to get out of a chair.
  11. Kitteh!
  12. More kitteh!
  13. I have never enjoyed cheesecake so much. Here is the Doctor enjoying a slice through 7 of 9.
  14. No context needed.
  15. A good one to use when you want to distance yourself from humanity.
    This whole election year for example.
  16. If you just need a minute to admire John Cho's sexiness.
  17. ... Or George Takei's.
  18. I'll give you another minute.
  19. Contemplate your dog's Halloween costume this year.
    Do they sell these online anywhere?
  20. This pretty much describes their whole relationship.
    And 90% of my relationships. I'm Tuvok and these friendly Neelix's just keep on finding me.
  21. The best line in all of Star Trek.