1. Boys / Men
    Do you like girls who wear makeup? Why do most of you smell so good? Why are the good ones gay? Why are the other ones always taken?
  2. Lima Beans
    Why are you so fucking gross? Does anyone even like you? You can't sit with us.
  3. Self-Centered People
    You do realize there is an entire world out there, right? It's polite to ask someone how they're doing or how their job is. We can't always focus on you and your complaints. You are the weakest link. Goodbye.
  4. Those Who Enjoy Running
    Are you insane? Are you making sure you could survive if a bear chases you? Do you like the feeling of being on the verge of vomiting or an asthma attack? Explain yourself.
  5. The Exclusive Bus Lane
    You're supposed to be faster, yet you are always backed up to another planet. What is the hold up? Why aren't we driving? I have places to be, Bus. Hurry up.
  6. Naturally Pretty People
    Why don't I look like that when I wake up? How do you do it? Did I miss the deadline to sign up for whatever class you took to get this?