Annoying things about NYC summers

It was 90 degrees in NYC today.
  1. Subway cars with no air conditioning
  2. People who don't shower/wear deodorant... and stand right next to you
    Nooooo. Please go away.
  3. The humidity! Oh the humidity!
  4. Wearing flip flops/sandals and getting dirty, or not wearing them and having really sweaty feet
    There's no winning.
  5. Stores pumping the AC but keeping the doors open
    How refreshing but how wasteful.
  6. Shorts so short you can see the pockets peeking out from the bottom
    Those will leave a weird tan line.
  7. Sweating through your clothes 😩
    Nothing like having pit stains after running out to get lunch.
  8. But we put up with all of it because we EARN summer, dammit!