I suffer from all of these. Also, for some reason, it seemed appropriate to make this list title all caps
  1. Parallel parking when someone is waiting behind me
    Sorry, this will probably take a while and multiple attempts. Yes, I know how huge this spot is. Yes, I know how tiny my car is. I'm just really bad at this. I know you're laughing at me. But guess what, I have a parking spot... once I get into it.
  2. Buying flights at the best time
    I hate the airfare game. Buy too early, and end up paying more. Buy too late, and end up paying more. And when I finally do buy, I feel like the prices will plummet in a few days. Argh.
  3. Missing my flight
    This *almost* happened once, and let me tell you, it was probably one of the most stressful moments I can remember. I'm pretty sure I got hives from that experience. I have since signed up for Global Entry/TSA Pre Check.
  4. Missing/being late for anything, really
    I am generally a punctual person, and even being five minutes late (and still the first one there) makes me crazy. I experience this one often, when I get to work at 9:10 instead of 9 and still end up being one of the first in.
  5. People at work thinking I'm incompetent
    Whenever I ask what seems like a silly question or provide the wrong information or forget to attach a file to an email, I feel like a buffoon... I'd like to think I'm good at my job!
  6. People hating my restaurant suggestion/recommendation
    What if the restaurant isn't as good as it used to be? What if they have a bad night? What if the backup chef is cooking that night? What if the new waitstaff is horrendous? Now my friends will think my taste in restaurants sucks.