I started bullet journaling in June and have kept a list(!) that captures at least one happy thing every day - no matter how big or small. Somewhat inspired by @blisssara 's list, THE MONTH OF MAY 😊 (and I know it's already almost the end of July... but these things take time!)
  1. Started bullet journaling
    I've always failed at keeping journals because I'm lazy/lose interest easily. I heard about this new obsession with bullet journaling and thought I'd give it a try. Buying a mini-moleskine that I carry around has helped me stick to it.
  2. Treated myself to a fancy coffee AND started reading The Power of Habit
    I was never one of those people who buys coffee every day, so it's a treat every time I do buy coffee. June 2 was one of those days. I also started reading The Power of Habit (but wasn't good at that habit since I'm still not done with it...)
  3. Had life-changing oysters at Hog Island Oyster Co. at Oxbow Market in Napa AND had an amazing dinner with my friends R+J at ZuZu
    My husband planned a birthday weekend getaway to Napa for me. He's a keeper. The oysters at Hog Island Oyster Co. are out-of-of-this-world good. And my friends drove up from SF just to have dinner with me in Napa. It was truly a great day 😊
  4. Dinner at The French Laundry
    We called literally hundreds of times to try to get this damn reservation. My husband's call was the one that made it through. It was a fantastic meal, but not the best meal I've ever had... Hey, at least now we know.
  5. Best cioppino ever at Anchor Oyster Bar in San Francisco
    It's a teeny tiny place that we stumbled upon in our search for a good seafood restaurant that was open during the weird meal hours of 4-6pm. We waited for 40 mins and would gladly do it again (and I'm not one to wait for anything)
  6. Hubby came home for lunch
    I worked from home the day we got back from vacation because the red-eye was rough. My husband had to be in the office (sucks) but he came home just so I wouldn't have to eat lunch alone.
  7. Birthday! Highlight: birthday dinner with the family
    My family is a riot.
  8. Read my Real Simple magazine from cover to cover
    I carved out some time to wind down and read my magazine.
  9. Felt like autumn
    So breezy. It was amazing. Usually we have two weeks of spring weather in NY, but this was a rare cool day in June.
  10. Talked to my friend D on the phone
    Like we were in high school again. She moved to Mississippi and I miss her so much.
  11. Walked three miles in Central Park
    Because we felt the need to exercise or something.
  12. Hubby did the hula and I caught it on video
    My cousin was moving to Hawaii, and we weren't going to be around for her farewell party. Decorations were bought, and hubby was asked to wear a grass skirt (over his shorts lol), and he felt the need to shake his booty.
  13. Called our friends in Kansas
    Just because we missed them.
  14. Met Sammy the Shiba Inu
    He was a few weeks old, so he was so tiny and fluffy! I just had to ask his owners if I could pet him. They obliged. Yes, I'm that girl.
  15. Cut and ate a pineapple
    It was a damn good pineapple too.
  16. Planned vacations
    All of my upcoming vacations. Someone's gotta think of these things.
  17. Explored South Street Seaport
    My job gives us the benefit of Summer Fridays, where we can leave at 1pm on Fridays between Memorial Day and Labor Day. I used this day to explore my own city.
  18. Quality time with my cousins at the Hamptons
    My uncle has a house in the Hamptons, and we spent a lot of time at the beach doing stupid things like building human pyramids and digging holes.
  19. Drove my uncle's boat
    I somewhat recently developed a tendency to get motion-sick, so I drove the boat to be in control. It helped a lot.
  20. Doing absolutely nothing after work
    We just lounged around on our couch doing nothing. It was glorious.
  21. Made dr. appointment
    It didn't make me happy, really, but it made me feel good that I'm finally trying to be an adult and take care of myself (I don't remember the last time I had a physical...)
  22. Date night in the neighborhood
    We tried a new hibachi place that opened up in our neighborhood. It was ok. But date nights are important!
  23. Quality time with one of my best friends at the 79th Street Boat Basin
    Drinking outdoors with a good friend - what more could I ask for?
  24. Bonded with an acquaintance
    We were at a happy hour, and we really clicked. We had been breathing each other's air for a few years (we have a mutual friend) but never really talked to each other until this day.
  25. Day in the city with my cousin who's moving to Hawaii
    Because Hawaii is really far away, we spent as much time as we could with her before she left.
  26. Impromptu fancy brunch
    We tried a new (to us) brunch spot in our neighborhood, and it ended up being surprisingly fancy! It was delicious too.
  27. Made Thai lettuce wraps at home
    I experimented with Thai bird chilis... They are no joke.
  28. Dad came home from Burma
    He was there for a few weeks for a wedding, and we picked him up from the airport. He was happy to be home, and I was happy he had a great trip.
  29. Went to sexy taco dirty cash with friends
    There's a spot in Harlem called sexy taco dirty cash. The tacos were pretty tasty and the drinks were good.
  30. Redeemed my "free" shake at Shake Shack
    I purchased a shake voucher during their Shake Sale - it's really a $2 donation to charity, and they give you a free shake as a thank you. I had a coffee shake.