"What kind of woman hates shoe shopping?" This one.
  1. I am a big comfort girl and wear sneakers almost every day
    I work for a media company that has a pretty lax dress code, so I take full advantage and wear jeans and Chuck Taylors on a regular basis
  2. But I need some non-sneakers to wear when I'm NOT wearing jeans
    I'm getting into the whole dress thing because, hello, instant outfit and only one thing to wash! But the Converses + dress combo looks kinda stupid on me... like I'm a little girl going to kindergarten 😑
  3. Every cute shoe I try on feels like a death trap for my feet
    They pinch and rub in all the places
  4. Every comfy shoe I try on looks like my grandma would wear it
    Or Crocs. I admit, they are comfy, but I absolutely refuse. Nope nope nope
  5. Why haven't shoe companies figured this out?
    Why must they be cute but toe-killers or comfy but granny-like? Why can't we marry cute and comfy!
  6. Is it just my feet or does everyone else have this problem?
    I know women who have hundreds of shoes. Hundreds. Do they just deal with the pain and discomfort? I need to know.
  7. I have wasted so much money on shoes I *thought* were comfy but they quickly betrayed me
    Comfy walking around in the store, sudden foot death after walking three blocks
  8. Does anyone have any brand suggestions?
  9. I'm tired of trying on all the shoes.