A toilet tale
  1. Went to the bathroom at work
  2. Did my business
  3. Toilet automatically flushed, as usual
  4. But I heard a glugging sound instead of a smooth flushing sound
  5. I turned around
  6. The toilet was filling up
  7. And wasn't stopping
  8. I watched it to see when it would stop
  9. It still wasn't stopping
  10. The water rose over the edge
  11. And onto the floor
  12. In slow motion
  13. Omg there is water everywhere
  14. I grabbed paper towels and threw them on the floor but there was still water everywhere
  15. Ran out of the bathroom
  16. The facilities guys on my floor were nowhere to be found
  17. Ran to the printer
  18. Scrawled OUT OF ORDER DO NOT GO IN on printer paper
  19. Taped sign on the door
  20. Explained to the security guard that she might want to call the building facilities department (and told her this story, pretty much exactly like this)
  22. But I'm still so embarrassed
  23. 😱
  24. Can I go home now?