The red-eye flight always seems like a good idea to maximize vacation time, but it is really the worst
  1. The head bobble
    Even with one of those ridiculous neck pillows, I still manage to drop my head like it weighs 100 pounds... every five seconds
  2. "Reclining"
    Why does it always seem like the seat in front of you has the capability to recline more than yours does?
  3. Legs falling asleep
    I need to elevate my legs!
  4. Contorted sleeping positions
    In my attempt to elevate my legs, I twist my body so I can rest my legs on my poor husband's lap
  5. Which lead to the seat belt dilemma
    How do I properly fasten a seat belt over my contorted body?
  6. The bright-ass in-flight TV
    Every time the seat belt sign turned on or off, the in-flight TV in front of everyone's seats turned on... with the brightness of the sun
  7. I slept on the plane, but it feels like it's worse than not sleeping at all