1. If you don't write a good idea down, you will forget it
    I'm getting better at this, but I still lose a lot
  2. Sick days can be used for mental health days
    For when you are just sick of work
  3. Women's shoes were made by the devil himself
    Heels, flats, doesn't matter. If they're not sneakers, they're likely uncomfortable in some way
  4. Hockey is by far the best sport to watch live
    The sound of furious skating, the anticipation of a fight
  5. Writing with pen and paper is more therapeutic than typing could ever be
    Related question: Do kids/teens today have crappy handwriting?
  6. Noodle soup is the best comfort food
    Ramen, wonton noodle soup, khao soi, pho, chicken noodle soup...
  7. If you are right on time, you are late
    And 15 mins late is the longest I should have to wait for you or you owe me lots of drinks
  8. Playing with a puppy makes all stresses go away
    Especially if the puppy is fluffy 🐶