My husband is in sales, which means the potential for a lot of travel. I've been home alone a lot lately, and I do a few things differently when he's not here...
  1. I sleep on his side of the bed 🛌
    I'm convinced it's more comfortable than my side.
  2. I also sleep with a plush mini-version of the Hulk 💚
    Just so the bed feels a little less empty. He bought it for me when we went to Universal's Islands of Adventure a few years ago. I mean, how cute is it?
  3. I have solo dance parties 💃
    Instead of watching tv, I put on some music and dance like no one's watching - because no one is!
  4. I sing along - loudly 🎤🎶
    Unlike my dancing, I'm sure my neighbors know about this.
  5. I take longer showers 🚿
    Because I can.
  6. I clean the apartment (no vacuum emoji? hm this will have to do 🗑)
    I vacuum all the time when he's not here. Probably partly due to boredom. But also because there's something so satisfying about walking around barefoot on freshly-vacuumed carpet.
  7. I eat like shit 💩
    I'll make instant ramen or fried eggs for dinner because it's just easier than figuring out what to cook for one/cooking a huge batch of something and then being forced to eat it every day for lunch until it's done.
  8. Or I eat like a queen 👑
    If I'm not in the mood for instant ramen, I'll go out to moderately priced restaurant and spend $50 on dinner just for myself. Apparently there's no in-between.
  9. I feel guilty for treating myself 😕
    I don't know why, but I sometimes feel guilty doing fun things or spending money while he's away.
  10. I am more prone to getting sucked into the vortex of the Internet. 💻
    For example: I'll start planning a trip and then wonder if they have good sushi restaurants, and what the chef's name is, and what's his story, and who else was on that show he was on, and what was the runner-up's signature dish... And then I'll somehow end up on a Buzzfeed quiz. That's kinda how I ended up here, actually.
  11. Last, but certainly not least, I'm lonely. 😩
    A 620 sq ft apartment feels so big when he's away. I can't wait until he's home.
  12. I started this list a few days ago, and now that it's done... he just texted me he landed and will be home in an hour or so.
    😄 but also 😒 because my list took so long