Wine experiment

  1. My uncle doesn't drink wine
  2. So he has quite the wine collection in his hall closet
  3. ... but all the bottles were stored upright
  4. Hubby and I opened a 1998 Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon
    We knew it was very likely it was spoiled
  5. The cork broke while opening it, and the wine smelled pretty vinegary
  6. I tasted it anyway
    It wasn't so bad that I had to spit it out, which was surprising to us
  7. I was going to pour it down the drain
  8. But hubby said wait - let's try something
  9. He put it in the blender (Nutribullet) to aerate it!
  10. It smelled SIGNIFICANTLY better after being blended for 30 seconds
  11. And we tasted it!
    We're still alive
  12. It wasn't absolutely terrible, but it wasn't good either, by any means
  13. So I poured it down the drain
  14. But apparently, blending wine actually does aerate it!
  15. The more you know 🌈