SNL - you're welcome!
  1. Someone attends a Dinner Party but doesn't realize that everyone in the family is only quoting Jim Carrey movies
    "That's a spicy meatball!" - only line I have so far!
  2. A character's catch phrase is "Shut it Malfoy!" But claims to have never heard of Harry Potter before
  3. A not-so-super hero who follows superheroes and takes credit for their work - "Ditto-Man"
    His catch phrase is "Ditto" and his weakness is originality 🎉
  4. Someone that think colour blindness means you can't see "colour people"
  5. Youth Pastor tries to attract youth by back tracking worship music with millennial pop hits beats
    The Stand by Hillsong mixed with Toxic by Brittney Spears - Bound for comedic gold
  6. Somebody throws up when they find another person attractive
  7. Going through traffic, at the speed limit, blasting Derude's Sandstorm while filming other passengers natural facial reactions to the combination