What happens after you creep your own Twitter feed and think it deserves a second audience 🐥
  1. "Guys are going to regret not asking me out once they see how much Missy Elliot I've been listening too!" - me, scrolling my YouTube history
    May 02 2016
  2. I've got an intern for the day - the goal is to quote as much Miranda Priestly from Devil Wear's Prada as possible!
    November 04 2015
  3. I consistently crave nachos - I'm blaming it on the endless rewatch of Nacho Libre with our youth group
    October 11 2015
  4. "Is it because she's involved in piracy?" - my dad about Ashley preferring a Starbucks card over an iTunes gift card
    June 02 2015
  5. Just crashed into a skateboarder in the hallway - all of my Avril Lavigne dreams have officially come true 🎉
    January 15 2015
  6. Hollywood - thank you for thinking of enough plot lines to keep up the Toy Story saga! #ToyStory4
    November 07 2014
  7. My dad just pointed to a wall of graffiti and commented "what a nice mural!" #closeenough
    February 25 2014
  8. Don't worry guys - I watch enough Dr Phil to fix this 👍
    December 06 2013
  9. "Did you eat Subway?" Erika's way of greeting me tonight #bestfriendoftheyearaward
    November 03 2013
  10. I'd propose on the spot if a Quiznos franchise was a part of the deal! #lovethosesubs
    September 24 2013
  11. Music blaring and driving the speed limit #whitegirlproblems
    June 12 2013
  12. Portion Sizes #WhyILoveAmerica
    March 12 2013
  13. A couple sat next to me while I was studying in the BCIT Library and started making out. Does that make me a turn on? #score #silverlining
    February 12 2013
  14. #potentiallyawesomesuperherogroups Destiny's Child and The Hobbit soundtrack. Hollywood, you're welcome
    January 15 2013
  15. Sherlock Holmes, marry me
    January 07 2013
  16. After announcing my love for free stuff, I was asked if I was Mennonite #churchjokes #reunion
    November 03 2012