Just a few... It was hard to narrow it down
  1. Robert DeNiro
    Because how many men can pull off bad ass roles like Taxi Driver & Good Fellas and then someday go on to be so god damn lovable in movies like the Intern!?
  2. Meryl Streep
    She's the classiest woman ever, and I always love everything she does. Every character she portrays is real in a way that feels completely genuine, and somehow it all seems effortless. She can be sweet (It's Complicated), powerful (The Iron Lady), total Bitch Mode (The Devil Wears Prada), or full blown psychology addict (August: Osage County. Amazing.
  3. Jack Black
    I love how passionate he is about music and how he chooses to involves that in his projects (I will never get over School of Rock). He's hilarious, and humble and yet he can still pull off serious Oscar nominated roles (Hello-- BERNIE!?) which can be difficult for goofy guys.
  4. Carey Mulligan
    She takes on characters with haunting depth and powerful femininity, and does so flawlessly every time. I always feel inspired and moved by her films. An Education, Far From The Madding Crowd... And she happens to be in my all time favorite episode of Doctor Who!
  5. Jimmy Stewart
    He possessed that classic old Hollywood charm that seems to be missing these days. And let's be honest, I just enjoy listening to him speak! I will forever look to Shop Around the Corner as ultimate romance goals.
  6. Helena Bonham Carter
    She is so freaking versatile. And Every. Single. Time. She absolutely kills it. From A Room With a View to Fight Club to BELLATRIX LESTRANGE. God, I love her.