Inspired by @CherylStrayed
  1. Any "man's job"
    Before I even had a period I found ways to tick of my stepdad and express my feminist self, one favorite way was to insist I'd do a "man's job".
  2. Pediatric cardiologist
    When I was 9 my brother was born with a heart defect, for at least the next 4 years I was certain that would be my career. That was until I heard about the 12+ years of college
  3. Dolphin trainer
    Who doesn't want to swim with dolphins every day
  4. IT/ computer guru
    This was my way of trying to be sensible. I lasted one year studying computer science. Couldn't do it when I felt no passion.
  5. A criminal justice reforming, victim advocating, prosecutor
    This lasted until about my junior year of college when I realized how difficult it is for the system to changed.
  6. A paralegal/ office manager who moonlights occasionally assisting on the campaign for fast food workers wages
    Definitely not my ideal career but it pays the bills and provides some meaning in my life.
  7. Open to suggestions!
    Maybe I need to get back to dreaming.