Like many privileged white teens in America, I've been to Europe. I ate a ton, took some pictures, and naturally didn't appreciate the trip until a year after. Shoutout to my parents for funding my trip and putting up with me during my brattiest stage.
  1. Here I am on the mean streets of Paris. I was jet lagged but once I spotted a gyro stand, I was super awake. I'm a self proclaimed foodie so I made it my mission to take as many pics of/with food as possible. I don't care that I look like an idiot bc it was a damn good gyro. (In Europe they put French fries IN the sandwich!! Crazy stuff!!)
  2. Versailles was the only redeeming thing about Paris besides the food and dessert. For the most part, the people were rude and nasty. Victor Hugo didn't die for me to be treated like garbage in his city.
  3. Traveling from Paris to Madrid with only 2 hours of sleep on Easter Sunday, 10/10 would recommend. I think I asked my travel partner, Liz, to take this pic bc the boy in the gray hoodie was cute.
  4. Spain is where I started to feel like a legitimate Disney Princess. The view at the top of the castle was breathtaking. I promised myself I would never be one of those people who RAVE about their Europe trip but I'm afraid that's what I've become.
  5. The Louvre must've known I was coming because there was an entire exhibition on George Washington, my favorite president. After being in France for 3 hours I was already homesick for the US because I'm a crazy person.
  6. This was the best paella I've ever eaten. That's literally all I can say because I miss it so much and I'm getting sad thinking about it.
  7. While I was taking this picture a German couple asked me to take their picture as if I wasn't busy enough already.