we all hear these things. these are the ones i get most often and driving me crazy.
  1. 'i could never do that, it is weird'
    no, not it is not weird. it is natural. it is NORMAL.
  2. 'why would you do that when they can eat food'
    because babies still need breast milk up until they are at least one. longer if possible. doctors have a certain amount of cows milk they want kids one plus to drink, but breast milk is truly better for your child than cows milk.
  3. 'formula worked fine on me'
    taking away alllll the benefits of breastmilk over formula (by the way: i support any way you feed you kid, so long as you feed them), do you know how much money you save?! more than $1,700 the first year! thank you, let me by those loubs kim k. wore the other day.
  4. 'what about your boobs?'
    thank goodness for plastic surgery. ps i don't think my husband minds.
  5. 'give them a bottle'
    two options when i am asked this: either pump or get formula. two things i hate: cleaning up pumping equipment and spending unnecessary money.
  6. 'let's drink'
    one thing i hate more than spending unnecessary money and cleaning pumping equipment.... DUMPING OUT THAT PRECIOUS MILK.