So I don't forget..
  1. Books I've started but have yet to finish
  2. TV Shows I'm really into right now
  3. All the different BBQ sauces I have in my fridge
  4. Top five favourites (movies, TV shows, musicians, books, food)
  5. The most annoying things our cats do
  6. Thoughts on Game of Thrones season 6
  7. Favourite places to eat out at
  8. My tattoos
  9. Annoying things about looking young/being short
  10. Top picks for the 2016 FFB draft
  11. Our top baby name choices
  12. What's in my bag
  13. Summertime songs
  14. TV series I have watched through
  15. Things I used to hate but now I love
  16. Embarassing things from when I was a child
  17. Things I'm insecure about but my bf makes me feel good about
  18. My favourite comedians