Ever since discovering li.st this morning, my brain has been working to make a list of lists I can share, but this seems like the best place to start. So, here we go..
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    Hi, I'm Amanda and I'm from the lovely East Coast of Canada👋
    #listroduce #nicetomeetyou
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    I usually have long, flowing, mermaid-y hair but I cut it all off last summer. I really liked the change at first but now I wish I had my long locks back ever day. #growfaster 💁
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    Despite looking like a fifteen year old, I'm actually a month and a half away from 24. I am in a committed relationship, have a BBA and a big girl, salaried job.
    I'll make a relatable list of annoying things about looking so young/being short later.
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    My wonderful boyfriend, Kris (@KrissyPoo), and I are parents to two of the cutest kitties you will ever meet. 😽😸
    Meet Cleo and Taco! I went and woke them both up to take their pictures so don't mind their irritated faces. #catmom
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    And come November, we will be parents to a real human baby! 💑👶🙉
    We're going to have a real cute baby.
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    I really like summer, food, leggings, books, Audrey Hepburn and Mindy Kaling, movies, holidays, pretty things, mermaids, flowers, etc. 🌞🍔🎄🌻
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    I also really like Fantasy Football, BlackOps, board games, beer, math, oversized sweaters, and other random things. 🏈🎮🎲🍺
    Please note: I do not drink beer right now.
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    I told Kris I was going to be #listfamous so, hopefully this was at least semi-entertaining/interesting to read.
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    In closing, here is a picture of me as a cat.
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    P.S. Thank you all for the warm welcome! 😄