No shame.
  1. On more than one occassion, I ate dog biscuits. 🐶
    I was like 4, they look like bone-shaped cookies, and my grandparents' dogs liked them, so why not?
  2. When I was five, my class performed a song at the local music festival, which was held in a church. I really had to pee. So, I did. Right up on stage.
  3. I wet the bed later than most children and had a plastic sheet on my bed. It was really loud when I moved and made me have a bad dream about leaves falling on me once. 🍁🍂
  4. I thought I was an awesome poet and wrote things like this when I was 11:
  5. Static
    So deep. And that signature 👌
  6. I have a scar on my right leg from when my own thumb nail cut my leg while I was running.
    I was like thirteen and it happened in gym class.
  7. While straightening my hair when I was 15, I accidently clipped the corner of my face with my straightener and I had to walk around with what looked like volume buttons on my face.
  8. This is more a moment of embarrassment captured, rather than an embarrassing story; but here's a picture of me getting underwear for Christmas.