1. Ballerina, ages 3-7
    Bless my parents for never squelching my love of "dance" by telling me I was too uncoordinated and lazy for this particular career path.
  2. Teacher, age 7-11
    Yes, I was that smart kinda antisocial kid who was totally the teacher's pet.
  3. Architect, age 11-13
    This is when I had a crush on a kid named Jordan Boots. He wanted to be an architect and was too cool to give me the time of day. So naturally I desired to be an architect with the goal of getting him to notice me. He didn't.
  4. Music teacher, age 13-17
    I also briefly considered going on American Idol but decided that I would be wasting being so multitalented if I went with the celebrity track.
  5. Nurse, age 17
    This is because I saw a lot of episodes of Greys Anatomy.
  6. Physician Assistant, age 17-21
    This was before anyone told me that PA school admissions had become more competitive than med school.
  7. Doctor, age 21-23
    This was after I found out med school was easier to get into from PA school, and also after I received 7 PA school rejection letters.
  8. Healthcare administrator, age 24
    This is after I got rejected from three med schools and decided that if you can't join 'em, you should get yourself into a position where you can boss them around.
  9. Stay at home mom and trophy wife, currently
    My boyfriend will have a Ph.D. in a couple years and I'm counting on him to be my long term investment/ticket to being the best soccer mom the world has ever known. Don't tell him though.