1. Wear a pink (specifically blush) dress
    That is just class AF to me
  2. Maybe a short dress too
    Like tea length. My mom would hate that hahaha
  3. Reenact the last dance from Dirty Dancing
    I think my mother would be appalled by the crotch grinding part
  4. Serve pizza or pizza rolls
    Meal or appetizer? Not sure
  5. Cheesecake wedding cake
    Delectable and dense
  6. Someone would rap
    Either vows, a toast, some random guest. I would make some drop some sick beats.
  7. Reunite One Direction to be my wedding band
    No Zayn. He is dead to me. Plus, who wouldn't want to dance the night away to the "Best Song Ever"?
  8. She can't watch the pictures being taken
    She was a momzilla at my BFFs wedding (I was a bridesmaid) during pics so no way