Reasons for LeBron to Leave Cleveland

Maybe it would be best for LeBron to find a new home
  1. Cleveland
    Great to raise a family. Bad to be a baller.
  2. Dan Gilbert
    It's like realizing your girlfriend is crazy. This time it sucks because it's a girl you got back together with. Anyways, this guy is a squid.
  3. Kevin Durant
    He almost reached the finals with one superstar by his side. Who's to say he doesn't join GSW and go after the crown? Step you game up, LeBron. Durant is coming.
  4. Michael Jordan
    You wanna be the best? You gotta have a better resume than the rest. I could be wrong but I don't see this Cavs team winning 3 straight like the Bulls.
  5. Delly
    I guess every sandlot needs their Squints? Either he goes, or you go Bron Bron