1. the sound of booing
  2. feet
  3. when it's too hot or too cold
  4. Robert California
  5. being sick
  6. never being able to find a comfortable position on the couch
  7. podcasts
  8. when people think they are better than everyone else in the world
  9. the fact that Lucas and Peyton left one tree hill for the last three seasons
  10. Jim Carey
  11. cramps
  12. how I met your mother finale
  13. museums
  14. the muppets
  15. Jim and Pam aren't together in real life
  16. Magicians
  17. wind
  18. nacho libre
  19. phone company commercials
  20. when people leave pens on the table but they don't click it so the pen is still sticking out
  21. writing the letter s
  22. jack black
  23. loud motorcycles
  24. public restrooms
  25. Slow walkers
  26. Cooked carrots
  27. Watching people eat bananas
  28. Being late or being picked up late
  29. Eraser dust
  30. Fake varsity jackets that you just buy at the store
  31. When people scratch their heads near me
  32. Swiss cheese
  33. When people leave water bottles with reasonable amounts of water and then that water is wasted
  34. The words ick icky yuck or yucky
  35. Louis C.K.
  36. Jalapeño flavored chips and stuff like that
  37. The smell of freshly cut grass
  38. When someone sees an actor from a tv show or movie on another tv show or movie and they call them by their character name on the show and not their actual name
  39. The fluoride they put on your teeth at the dentist
  40. Four way stops
  41. Pokemon go
  42. Having to explain to people why I switched school and using the same cliche lines
  43. When people spank their children
  44. Drying my hair
  45. Bloody noses
  46. When somebody is texting while I am a passenger
  47. Being in a public restroom and someone tries to open the door and it's just really awkward
  48. Asking for to go boxes
  49. When my sock falls down
  50. When people are on their phone when ordering
  51. When the family says "what do you want for dinner" and everybody says "I don't know" and then we end up eating something gross or nothing
  52. Messes!!!
  53. When I say something and someone says "huh" and I have to repeat myself but I really don't want to because it wasn't important but I can't just not say anything
  54. Ordering food from a different culture because I think the people will judge me
  55. When ants are everywhere in the summer
  56. Yellow lights
  57. When people buy a drink or food and take two sips or bites and then throw it away like you paid money for it why would you throw it away