1. Frozen waffles
  2. calf muscles
  3. lazy Saturday's when I just watch tv all day
  4. laughing with my best friends
  5. summer
  6. jogging and working out
  7. cold burritos and cold pizza
  8. the office
  9. parks and recreation
  10. Kip from Napoleon dynamite
  11. stand up comedy
  12. buzzfeed quizzes
  13. buzzfeed articles
  14. socks
  15. kayaking
  16. quality time with God
  17. going to sports games
  18. road trips
  19. Easter
  20. 75 degree weather
  21. having a health obsessed mom
  22. seeing people happy
  23. essential oils
  24. Jon heders hands
  25. potato wedges
  26. sleeping in
  27. Jason Segel
  28. friends
    the tv show and the companions
  29. hillsong
  30. 80s pop
  31. donut holes
  32. Ellen Degeneres
  33. mochas
  34. dryer sheets
  35. oxymorons
  36. mushrooms
  37. coconut oil
  38. the smell of freshly brewed coffee
  39. rend collective
  40. the word totalitarianism
  41. courtesy waves when driving
  42. bloopers
  43. coloring in coloring books
  44. The fosters
  45. Goats
  46. Cooked kale
  47. Grilled cheese
  48. How I met your mother
  49. Cleaning
  50. Rough drafts of paper with scribbles and notes all over it
  51. Nutrition
  52. Conspiracy theories
  53. Tv/ movie trivia
  54. New York
  55. Mammoth Mountain
  56. Iced coffees
  57. The walking dead
  58. Chickfila breakfast
  59. Daily devos
  60. Physical affection
  61. Pretty dresses
  62. Having epiphanies
  63. Dflys lists
  64. School supply shopping
  65. The smell of cologne
  66. Artificial cherry flavor
  67. Packaged famous Amos cookies
  68. Mint chip ice cream
  69. Glee music
    Will never ever ever get tired of my glee
  70. Fluffy light green grass
  71. The clean feeling I have after taking a really nice shower
  72. Crying
  73. The intro to Napoleon dynamite
  74. Walking past shops in an outdoor mall on a hot day and feeling the cool air coming from the stores
  75. Big brother
  76. Jane the Virgin
  77. Young Kevin bacon
  78. Boutiques
  79. Tied shoelaces
  80. Driving around the block one more time because my favorite song is still on
  81. Weddings
  82. Hearing a new song that's just really really good
  83. Nature valley granola bars
  84. When I don't have to work all weekend
  85. Praying so hard I start crying and I can just totally feel God right there with me
  86. People that look good in yellow
  87. Drinking coffee every morning
  88. Literally any dog ever
  89. Blasting my country music while I'm screaming the lyrics at the top of my lungs while driving
  90. 2012 Honda civics
  91. Pick up stix fried rice
  92. Frozen chocolate chips
  93. The sound of blinkers
  94. Sweeping, mopping, dusting, just cleaning in general
  95. Deep conversations in the car
    Especially if it's nighttime
  96. Vlogs
    Especially David, Zane, Heath, Gabbie, etc
  97. When a group asks a stranger to take a picture of them and that person is super nice and gets really into it
  98. Walking and hearing bits of people's conversations
  99. Hearing a new song on the radio that's just like really good