1. getting your eyebrows done
  2. listening to an old song you haven't heard in a while
  3. your otp finally kissing
  4. getting that perfect wing on your eyeliner
  5. buying new bras
  6. smiling at random strangers
  7. drinking a warm drink when you're freezing
  8. walking into a room after a candle was burnt
  9. being near someone who smells good
  10. talking on the phone with a person you care about
  11. eating
  12. snuggling under a fort of blankets
  13. that first jump into the pool
  14. riding a wave
  15. eye contact
  16. when someone sends you a song saying that they thought of you
  17. getting spontaneous gifts
  18. giving spontaneous gifts
  19. your first kiss
  20. feeling your hair after coming back from the salon
  21. trying out a new look
  22. being complimented by a stranger
  23. watching an old episode of one of your all time favorite shoes
  24. when your favorite teacher is proud of you
  25. blushing
  26. jumping on a trampoline
  27. screaming as loud as you can
  28. seeing your idol in concert
  29. rereading that one favorite book you love
  30. catching up with old friends you haven't seen in a while
  31. the hesitation right before you hold hands
  32. bowling a strike
  33. waking up after a great nap
  34. flipping your hair
  35. being in love
  36. feeling the wind
  37. making new friends
  38. shaking a snow globe
  39. sticking your toes in the sand
  40. watching that trashy reality show you love
  41. looking good
  42. helping someone and getting a smile afterwards