I'm obsessed. Not so much a PB connoisseur, but I eat a jar every week so my 💩 is 90% PB (crunchy 😜). I've been stuck on one brand (#1), but want to branch out. Yours?
  1. 1.
    CB's NUTS - fave plain PB
    It's just peanuts. No salt, sugar or any other crap. At first I thought it was too bland, but when I tried other nut butters with salt it was too salty. I'm hooked and eat jars of this shit. They're a local WA company. Try some!
  2. 2.
    Wild Friends Chocolate Coconut PB
    I've tried something similar from another brand and hated it, but this flavored PB is amazing! I can't get enough. 😍😍😍👅👅👅 They have TONS of different flavors I need to try.
  3. 3.
    Nuttzo Seven Nut & Seed Butter
    I am not in love with this one, but it is pretty good. All of the seediness makes it really crunchy. I'm not in love with the hazelnut undertones, which are fairly strong, but still good.•-crunchy-best-by-3316-16oz-copy/
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    Mara Natha No Stir Organic PB Crunchy
    Prior to eating CB's nuts I would only eat this brand. I liked the no stir option and the crunchy creaminess. However after switching to CB's and coming back I found it to be a little salty. However, still very good.