Happy Hour or just whatever, new places to feed the baby belly. From Belltown to Pioneer Square. Okay some of these places aren't new, but the pull to return is so strong...
  1. Kraken Congee
    Congee and other unique Asian dishes (hello adobo). Pioneer Square.
  2. Le Pichet
    Oldie but goodie. I've only had breakfast/brunch here. Need to try the later menu fares. Downtown SEA.
  3. La Bodega
    Seems like more of a lunch spot than HH or evening meals. Open from 11-7p. Empanadas and sandwiches. Pioneer Square.
  4. Girin
    Korean food. HH 4-6p daily. HH menu sounds delightful and I want everything on it please. Sampler platter?! Pioneer Square.
  5. Cuadra No. 32
    Belltown newbie. American/Italian. HH? Sounds amazing from the Yelp of it.
  6. Goldfinch Tavern
    The Cuisine: Simple, NW, Fresh. According to their website. Sounds tasty and filling. Decent looking HH menu with decent pricing. At the Four Season Hotel in Downtown SEA.
  7. Alibi Room
    Okay I've been here a ton, but who can resist chipotle mac 'n cheese and gluten free truffle pizza? Not me. Let's go back to this Pike's Market staple please.
  8. Wakefield Bar
    HH 4-6:30p. Sounds like a fun HH spot with shareable dishes with reasonable prices. Menu appears pretty broad, lots of choices for different palates. Belltown!
  9. Kushibar
    Okay another oldie, but goodie. Japanese food. Kushiyaki. Ramen. So many things I have yet to try. Yet I always get the same thing. Need to come at night :) HH menu available 4-6:30p daily. BELLTOWNIE!
  10. Market Hall
    Happy Hour sounds amazing. And it starts at 3p, goes until 6p. White truffle Mac & Cheese. Come on, I'm a sucker for that shit. 809 Olive Way, Seattle :)