Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

Most of my screenshots are recipes or text messages from my nephew. Here are a few that aren't those. I feel like a boring person.
    My drunk husband passed out in a chaise lounge in Target and I was searching for him for almost an hour. I was proud of myself for not using any swear words in this text! But when I found him I kicked his foot to wake him and a lady that saw thought I was abusing a random dude. I guess I was. Oh I screenshot it to document I can be pissed without swearing...?
  2. A tattoo I like.
    I want to cover up a small tattoo on my arm and this was one of the magnolia tattoos I found on IG. Pretty.
  3. A wedding photo one of my friends posted on IG.
    I think it's one of the only photos I have of me getting ready. I didn't have a photographer until after I walked out to meet my future hub.
  4. Yeah, that nipple seems way too long.
    But it's the best bottle, so who knows. I never bought it tho.
  5. Repost of me and friends kid SUP'ing
    Kaua'i, HI.