Being pregnant has been amazing so far. There isn't much I can't do and so far it's been a relatively easy pregnancy (knock on wood). Here are a few things I've been missing:
  1. Raw fish (sashimi/sushi or poké)
    I've been going to sushi with the hubby, but while he eats raw fish I get to eat veggie rolls or shrimp tempura rolls. Not all that fun :(
  2. Red wine
    Or white wine. And cider. Maybe even beer! Okay maybe not, but having that option will be nice.
  3. Eggs over easy
    Because over cooked eggs are gross. And smells like wet dog when you're cooking it. Or is that just me?
  4. Medium rare steak
    Asking for your burgers to be cooked thru isn't too bad, but forget about eating steak cooked thru. There is really no point. So I haven't had a good steak in mmm 7 months.
  5. Soft cheese (unpasteurized I guess?)
    I can eat most cheeses I suppose. But I'd like to be able to eat any cheese without wondering if the damn thing is pasteurized or not.
  6. And everything else they warn you off of while prego...