the reason tom hanks isn't on this list is because i love him too much and i'd honestly rather be his kid than his dirty little girl
  1. Kevin Costner
    It started with Dances with Wolves. It all went down hill from there. The mustache. The blue eyes. The amazing films. JFK?? Ugh. And then finally... Mr. Brooks. The role he was always meant to play. He's also a sexy over 50 musician mmm, come to me Costner.
  2. Michael Keaton
    FIRSTLY: the best Batman. Of. All. Time. NO ARGUMENTS. He's still just as good looking as ever. Always a soft spot for this adorable man.
  3. Bruce Willis
    I don't even like bald men but holy fuck. I don't even know what it is. I imagine we'd have long discussions in bed, detailing his work out from this morning and working ourselves up discussing every crunch and flex of his muscles until we were panting and he has me against a wall. we wouldn't even care than his daughters are only a few years younger than me because I'd make him feel youthful again like he was on "moonlighting".
  4. Colin Firth
    besides the fact that he chills with tom ford you can't really say no to the suave debonair that is the firth. the accent.
  5. Kevin Spacey
    My thoughts about Kevin began during American Beauty. Hot, vulnerable dad going through a mid-life crisis? Yes, please. Though after years my thoughts on him began to fade. Then comes him eating out Kate Mara while she's on the phone with her real dad in House of Cards. Thoughts back!