1. Do you really ever know who someone truly is?
    People can put themselves out there in any and every way possible. But do you really ever know them? You never know any different if they don't show you or tell you bits and pieces. It's such a strange thought to me when people say yes to this.
  2. Am I getting skinnier or is all my fat just evening itself out on my body?
  3. Do people still correspond through just letters?
    I can't remember the last time I received one. I kind of wish I had a pen pal.
  4. Would anyone really be happier if things stayed the same? They could control everything? There was no such thing as surprises?
  5. Why can't I function off 3 hours of sleep anymore?
    I'm old, that's why. Just wondering the exact moment this changed.
  6. Do you feel a pinprick in your heart every time you think about me?
    I hope you do.
  7. When Karma comes to collect does she have a checklist or is it like a technologically advanced randomizer?
  8. I should start a restaurant that only serves brunch but only after the other brunch places close so that those who never seem to make it to brunch, because it ends too early, can enjoy eggs and alcohol too.